Project Based Services

What if I do not want to hire a Fractional CFO/Controller, but still need to understand what is going on in my accounting department?

If you decide to get an overall business assessment of your accounting department, with no ongoing commitment for fractional services, we will conduct a project based review for you!

We start with a free business consultation, typically with the owner(s) and lead accounting team member, in which we get a high-level overview of your business and current challenges you face.  During this consultation, we work with you and your team to understand your overall business plan.

Next, you receive a custom proposal to engage in a comprehensive, detailed assessment of your business, which typically ranges from 10-20 hours of in depth “checking under the hood” of your accounting department and systems.

Finally, our Business Assessment Report is a comprehensive detail of our discovery results.  We prioritize and propose solutions, and you can decide if you wish to proceed further to address any concerns identified in the discovery.  No further commitment required!