Internal Policies and Controls

Small businesses often follow the “wear many hats” when it comes to staffing due to lack of available work and/or resources to justify adding additional team members. Often, this creates uncontrolled job functions, potentially posing significant risks to companies.

The solution often lies within creative uses of technology, to minimize or eliminate human intervention, coupled with fractional Controller services, assuring you peace of mind that your finances are not compromised by lack of control.


The control portion of our business assessment is built on the concept of ensuring “Separation of Duties” – having more than one person and/or technology involved in processes to minimize risks. 


For example, the accountant that enters payables does not issue checks and reconcile the bank account as this creates a risk that the staff member controls the entire process.

Some of the key areas that we examine include:

Treasury Management

  • Positive Pay
  • Unique Users
  • Dual Transaction Approvals


Accounts Payable

  • Purchase Order Process
  • Setup of New Vendors Process
  • Check Signing Authority


Expense Reimbursements/Business Credit Card Practices

  • Submittal Process
  • Documentation Required
  • Disbursement Process