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About Hood Financial LLC

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Our Mission is to provide comprehensive accounting solutions for your company, leveraging technology and exceptional CFO and Controller services on a fractional basis supporting business executives with accurate, insightful information essential to making key financial decisions. This lowers your in-house accounting costs while bringing you unbeatable value.

20 years experience

Why should you choose Hood Financial?

I started Hood Financial LLC with the small business owner in mind.  My goal was to educate, equip, and empower such owners to standardize the mechanics of accounting in-house, while seeking high-level financial management on an outsourced basis. 


With over 20 years of experience working in all key aspects of accounting and financial management, I have worked for small and medium sized businesses in industries ranging from wholesale manufacturing and retail to financial and professional service operations. Such work ranged from designing and building accounting departments from scratch to performing major restructuring and clean-up of existing departments. In addition to the basic mechanics and understanding of standard bookkeeping practices and controls, my work focused on providing intuitive financial reporting and metrics, cash flow management and forecasting, as well as industry specific dashboarding and analysis.


My ultimate goal is for you, the small business owner, to confidently step away from being involved in the day to day accounting and financial management of your business, so that you may focus on what you do best; this allows us to expand our skills and expertise into your business. 


Jeff M. Hood, MBA, CPB

Founder and Chief Financial Consultant

Hood Financial LLC

From the outset of my training in accounting, I learned that this was a field of study focused on the past.  In fact, the primary responsibility for most accounting departments includes receiving payments, paying vendors, paying employees, and producing financial reporting, ultimately tracking every financial transaction within the organization.  I found that the accounting world followed strict predefined processes and procedures that were simply taught and duplicated through generations.  


Technology continues to streamline ways to process financial transactions, however the fundamentals of accounting have not changed much over the years.

The Opportunity

I quickly learned from the beginning of my career that accounting played a greater role in the success of a company far beyond processing, documenting, and reporting on historical transactions.  From working in small business for most of my professional life, I saw owners struggle to make sense of the financial performance of their companies. Questions frequently posed such as:

  • Why do my books show an increase in sales, but my bank account does not reflect an increase in cash?
  • What is breakeven and why is it important to running my business?
  • Can I afford to add another person on my payroll?

The common thread in the vast majority of these businesses was that the business lacked a professional financial leader.  Often, such businesses included bookkeepers and owners working together trying to make sense of the financials of the company, while attempting to use standard accounting processes that they either did not understand or did not follow correctly.

This is where I discovered the fundamental problem:  How do small businesses make smart, proactive financial decisions without financial expertise readily available?

The Challenge – 4 A’s

Finding a solution to our problem presented a four-fold challenge:


  • Availability of high-level financial specialists, such as CFOs or Controllers, that were willing to provide services on a reduced scale basis.
  • Ability of small businesses to absorb the salary of such financial specialists.
  • Adherence of the small business to follow the recommendations of the financial specialist who is not always present onsite to enforce policies, procedures, and other protocols necessary for the business to succeed.
  • Accountability of both the reduced scale financial executive and the client to maintain consistent interaction with one another.

The Solution

The challenges posed by the “4 A’s” resulted in the creation of a Fractional CFO/Controller business model which provided the same high-level expertise that large companies enjoy at both a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost for the small business.  My business model matches the skills needed by the small business with a budget conscious solution through:

  • Leveraging technology, in lieu of adding additional accounting staff, essentially decreasing the ongoing cost of your accounting department. Additionally, reducing staff while increasing technology yields stronger controls as staff involvement decreases.  Replacing old financial platforms allows for better streamlining of your business so that you build a strong foundation for growth.
  • Standardizing your processes and teaching your staff how to properly perform the day to day mechanics of accounting to keep your bookkeeping current and accurate.
  • Coaching your executive team (including owners) how to review and understand numbers and the story behind the numbers.
  • Providing remote Fractional CFO/Controller services which serves two primary purposes:
    • Allows for independent work offsite from your staff, maintaining financial confidentiality better. No office presence = less chance of financial information being shared.
    • Optimizes the time spent on providing high level services to you, resulting in little to no travel time and/or any other costs associated with providing an office space and support to you.