External Audit Preparation & Compliance

Find Your Path to a Brighter Financial Future

Dealing with audits can be extremely stressful and time-consuming for small businesses.  Furthermore, many business owners underestimate the significant liability of mishandling an audit by allowing inexperienced bookkeeping staff to interface with auditors.  Often this results in providing inaccurate information or mistakenly mispresent the company’s actual accounting practices, resulting in massive penalties and amounts due.


Did you know that an audit can actually result in a refund to your business? 


Did you know that you can contest many audits and/or negotiate settlements for potential liabilities due?


We offer comprehensive audit services including annual insurance and worker’s compensation, sales and use, property tax listing, external CPA firm annual audits, and more.  Let us handle your next audit and put your mind at ease that we will look for ways to save you money and reduce your liability.


Compliance is a broad topic and simply put it is ensuring that a company’s financial matters are handled in accordance with all laws and regulations.


Some of the key areas include:

We provide staff education and training in these areas, as well as quarterly review services to provide feedback and additional resources to your team!